Recent & Upcoming Seminars

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Testing Change Data Capture Tools via SQLancer-CDC
GrayC: Greybox Fuzzing of Compilers and Analysers for C
Software Build Maintenance​: Errors and Efficiency
Runtime Compiler Optimizations for CPython Bytecode
Improving Reliability of JDBC Drivers
Reusing Test Suites Across Database Systems
Sanitizers' Blind Spots: Invisible Undefined Behaviors
Finding Typing Compiler Bugs
Autonomous driving system defect localization
Race Detection in CUDA Kernels
Finding XPath Bugs in XML Processors via Differential Testing
Detecting Logic Bugs of Join Optimizations in DBMS
Part1: Reusing testsuites of Databases
Measuring and Improving Fairness in NLP
Testing JDBC drivers
Testing Graph Databases
Automated Testing for XPath Query Processors
Finding Optimization Bugs in Datalog Engines
General SQL Grammar for Testing Case Generation
Cardinality Estimation Testing


Infrared: A Meta Bug Detector
Efficient Fuzzing to Detect Memory Errors