Recent & Upcoming Seminars

Date Topic Presenter
15/9/2022 Efficient Fuzzing to Detect Memory Errors Jinsheng Ba
29/9/2022 Infrared: A Meta Bug Detector Chi Zhang
6/2/2023 Cardinality Estimation Testing Jinsheng Ba
13/2/2023 General SQL Grammar for Testing Case Generation Albert Zhang
20/2/2023 Finding Optimization Bugs in Datalog Engines Chi Zhang
27/2/2023 SamplingCA: Effective and Efficient Sampling-Based Pairwise Testing for Highly Configurable Software Systems Qiyuan Zhao
6/3/2023 Open-Domain Aspect-Opinion Co-Mining with Double-Layer Span Extraction Suyang Zhong
13/3/2023 Automated Testing for XPath Query Processors Shuxin Li
20/3/2023 Testing Graph Databases Yuancheng Jiang
3/4/2023 Testing JDBC drivers Anxing Zhang
10/4/2023 Measuring and Improving Fairness in NLP Xudong Han (Melbourne University)
17/4/2023 Part1: Reusing testsuites of Databases Nishita
17/4/2023 Deriving Test Case Generators using Domain-Specific Language to Test Database Engine (Interim Report) Albert Zhang
21/8/2023 Detecting Logic Bugs of Join Optimizations in DBMS Xiu Tang (Zhejiang University)
28/8/2023 Finding XPath Bugs in XML Processors via Differential Testing Shuxin Li
4/9/2023 Race Detection in CUDA Kernels Ivan Ho
11/9/2023 Testing Database Systems Through the Lens of Constant Folding and Constant Propagation Chi Zhang
18/9/2023 Autonomous driving system defect localization Xinyuan Ma